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Is Yoga the New Golf?

Posted Feb 18 2011 8:16am

According to an article in the New York Post, yoga is the new golf . At least in New York City. I love it! Now, I’m not a golfer, though I have visited the driving range a handful of times. I’m not discounting golf as a healthy activity or business development tool, I do however find this concept intriguing.


There are pro’s and cons to both sides. The article reports that golf is often followed by eating and drinking – not great for your health. Yoga is usually not followed by eating and drinking. Yoga feels great, improves your focus, productivity and general health and well-being.Yoga isn’t for everyone – it still scares people.

Golf gets you outside breathing in fresh air. If you walk the course instead of drive a cart, you can experience positive health benefits. Alas, I’m a yoga girl, not yet a golfer.

I particularly love this line from the article:

And while health is more important nowadays, so too is letting your guard down with your colleagues in a unique environment.

How often do you let your guard down with your boss or colleagues (whether you work for someone or are your own boss?)

Then I read this:

Of course, building intimacy with your boss while you’re wearing next to nothing can feel awkward at first.

The entire sentence is a bit concerning. Here is the thing. Your yoga outfit need not be skimpy. While the article refers to Bikram yoga, a high heat style, not all yoga need be high heat. Which means you can wear more clothing. Technically, yoga is not about the fashion, regardless of what the magazines tell you.

Rather than coffee, drinks or lunch for networking and business development, why not try yoga? You don’t get a feel for someone’s work ethic when they’re sitting across the table. Get them into a yoga class, and believe me you’ll learn a lot about their confidence, tolerance for risk and how quick they are to give up. I know there is much to learn on the golf course as well.

Isn’t that what you wan to know about your employees/colleagues/business partners?

If you’re not quite ready to give up golf (I can’t blame you), perhaps try yoga once in a while, especially during winter months. Yoga will help your golf game by improving posture, flexibility, balance and focus on the course.

What do you think? Do you network? Do you golf as a business development tool? Would you try yoga instead or in addition?  Visiting the South Shore of Massachusetts? Let me know – we can hit a yoga class! If you’re a golfer, I’m open to learning!

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