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Interview with Nicole Lanning- Intuitive, Healer, Teacher and Author

Posted Aug 23 2010 3:00am
Until my last breath I will always swear that we connect to people through what’s called a Sacred Contract, and it’s through this Divine Providence that I “met” Nicole Lanning , founder of Healing Art Forms . Nicole is such a generous human being and was born with a gift of connecting with people on an energetic level to help facilitate their healing process. Nicole is a healer, teacher and author, and has many programs of study that are accredited by World Metaphysical Association WMA and the International Natural Healers Association INHA .

I have had the good fortune of getting to know her and interview her. I do hope you will visit her websites to learn more about Energy Healing, and to learn about some new and exciting things she has coming up.

1. You realized you were an intuitive healer and empath since you were a child. Can you explain when and how you first realized you had a gift?

Yes, I have had my empathic abilities and clairaudient abilities ever since I can remember. Some of my very first experiences were when I was about five years old, as I remember telling my parents about a relative of ours and what was going on in her life. They really didn’t understand how I knew things, nor did I at the time, but knew I could feel others concerns, feelings, issues, and so much more. After this was when my guides started connecting to me and I was able to hear them. I heard them, not as with my physical ears, but more along the lines of a thought pattern and words and comments or suggestions from within. Many did not understand this at the time, and still to this day, many still do not, but it is an inner hearing and knowing that connects it all together. It came from a unique love source and I always felt safe listening to the information that did come through. There was never anything harmful or hurtful, just valuable information with a love energy surrounding every message that I received.

2. You mention you are an Indigo Child; can you explain what that is for my readers?

Absolutely! Indigo children have a very unique vibrational about them. They are here as warrior spirits to help pave the pathway for the next generation of lightworkers to come into this world. There was so much closed off energy on the planet that barriers had to be broken down and pathways had to be opened up, and that’s what Indigo children came to do on this planet. I was an early indigo child, and understand this now looking back. At the time I did not understand what an Indigo child was, as at the time I just knew I was a handful, as Indigo’s like to do things their own way and open up pathways, and I definitely did that one in many ways!

3. Having this ability and growing up in a very conservative religious family how did you balance this and maintain good family relationships?

Balancing this was actually difficult growing up, as my parental influences, along with my siblings, did not understand my abilities or what I was here to do. It was a “do as your told” household and don’t question anything, so growing up being an Indigo in this environment was extremely difficult, but it is what made me who I am today. Now looking back I can see as I got older balancing things were a bit easier to do as I could understand more, reason more, and explain more about what I can do and how things transpire. The key to any good relationships is balancing them though, and this takes work on both parties end to make it successful.

4. When we do healing work, we often receive as many gifts as we give; what was your most profound experience in a healing session?

This is such a fun question, as I have been doing healing work for literally half my lifetime now professionally. I think the most profound experience was during a session I had with a client at the time. I was working on their energy fields and clearing out some negative energy and all of a sudden, I had this woman appear in front of me. To this day I still will explain that she looked just as physical and human as you and I are, but she appear and said, “Nicole, I have to tell you something.” In addition, she began to explain for about 10 minutes some in-depth information that I needed to become aware of. After this brief period, she was gone, vanished into thin air. I stopped what I was doing and the healing session and asked my client if she saw or heard this woman and she looked at me in a very strange manner and said abruptly “No!” What had happened was that I had gone into a deeper trance state at the time and connected with one of my spirit guides on a different plane and was being given new information about how things were going to change. It was an amazing experience!

5. What advice would you give to someone who feels they have a healing gift to turn it into practical knowledge?

I have a ton of advice and love to share what I can with whomever will listen! It is all about working with what resonates within your own energy fields. If you want to get started on a healing pathway, you have to remember that everyone’s is different. Therefore, what works for the woman down the street may not work for you. It is all about finding what resonates within your energy alignment. This may be using energy healing, crystal healing, sound healing, herbal remedies, etc. We all have our own spiritual pathway in life, we have to keep trying, and plugging into what we find until it is a match for us. Practice, have patience, and keep trying to you find what fits for your spiritual pathway.

6. Are there any other words of wisdom or stories you would like to share?

I have found the best words of wisdom to share are to follow your own intuition. No matter what it is, no matter what the issue or concerns are about, you have all of the answers within you already. They are inside of your soul, and it is a matter of listening to yourself and following that intuition! Stay focused, grounded, centered, listen to your intuition, and you will always be on a positive spiritual pathway in life!

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