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Insights into our Emotions and the Dwelling Mind

Posted Jul 15 2010 10:37am
The next few posts are insights to our higher consciousness through the teachings of Transformational Yoga.

There are four aspects of being:


Each one must be developed and experienced. All four must be integrated and work together to experience the true Self or 'soul spark'. Many feel tension and anxiety because they are in a fragmented state - too much within their physical, emotional, or mental states.
Developing and understanding each of these unique aspects of being will bring one to a state of Harmony and Balance, becoming 'One' or one with your true Self.

Realizing that many are quite fragmented in their connection with the four aspects of being, we are beginning to realize that our emotional self is in charge of creating our reality, whether we like it or not. In fact, we usually do not like it. That is why we are spending so much time healing or consoling our hurt ego or mind. We are finding out that as a young child we were imprinted with programs that make us feel unworthy or unlovable. These programs continue to run us long into adulthood often till death. The hidden imprints attract relationships and circumstances that validate the negative self-beliefs. We can play out dreams and try to put ourselves into a situation of attracting a princess or a knight in shining white armor or winning the lottery until we are blue in the face, but the programmed dwelling mind continues to run like a movie without a director, much to our dismay.
The old imprints can be released and the energy transformed when we choose to learn the lessons in life that will bring us to self-realization. In the process we enrich our lives and gain strength and depth. As we release the past, we are free to live in the present. We no longer filter life through fears. We experience the joy and the spontaneity of life as it unfolds in the moment.

The role of emotions is not to spiral us down into a dark hole of sadness, fear, and dwelling. The purpose of emotional being is to deepen our feeling of awareness of life. Our goal is to reach a state of emotional balance so that all emotions bring us to greater aliveness, connectedness and intimacy with all aspects of ourselves, others, the environment around us and the universe.

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