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Improve your hamstring flexibility by using a rope!

Posted by Kim N.

It's been shown in studies that individuals have a greater improvement in flexibility when they have somebody else stretching them. This is most likely due to the fact that most individuals probably cut themselves short and may not stretch to the most effective tension point. By using a jump-rope, or a towel, you can mimic these types of effective stretches on your own. To effectively stretch your hamstrings, lie straight on your back with the rope wrapped around one of your feet, the ends of the rope in each hand. With the other leg relaxed straight on the ground, pull the rope so that your leg that is to be stretched approaches being pointed straight up to the sky. Be sure to do this motion slowly, because if you stretch a muscle too quickly, protective mechanisms in the muscle will prevent it from being stretched. Keeping your knee straight (but not locked), use the rope to pull your leg further up until you reach a point of mild discomfort. Hold this for 20 seconds. Before you relax, try to pull a little further and hold again for 20 seconds. You will see great results by using a rope to be your stretching partner!
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