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Improve Running Stride And Propulsion

Posted Apr 07 2012 11:15pm

Improve your running stride by optimal propulsion thrust with no up or down or side-to-side movement. Watch this short video of two world class runners and notice the small differences between the two. The runner in front is more efficient in his propulsion because there is no up or down movement of his body AND almost no side to side movement.

This indicates the athlete in front – Kenenisa Bekele, arguably one of the greatest distance runners today – is running slightly better from his center. All it takes is the tiniest efficiency to win! To ilustrate the up/down motion look at the athlete in third place and watch how much up and down movement he exhibits. Could the outcome of this race been different had he used propulsion optimally?

If you learned to run barefoot or with thin soled shoes you most likely naturally run through your center because your brain/body learning was optimal from barefoot. However if you quit running barefoot pretty early and/or changed your running style with shoes then you are probably not running from your center and may experience more injuries, limits, pain and discomfort. The rest of us that learned to run in shoes did not give our brain a chance to teach us how to run from our center because our feet did not have direct contact with the ground. Running from the center of your body is the only way to achieve optimal propulsion.

Centered balance running by Kenenisa Bekele

The five principles of centered balance contain the key to running optimization. Here we show you just one of the principles in action – propulsion. How propulsion travels through your structure to maximize power, thrust and stride length is demonstrated by the picture at right. Notice the angle of the leg in front with knee rotated toward the center, heel in, pelvis rotated forward so that the foot landing will roll to the inside ball of the foot for push-off. His distance from the ground reveals that he is exerting little up/down from the thrust of the run stride so that most of the energy is toward forward momentum.

At Somasynci we understand how the body is designed to move for any activity but most importantly for running and walking. We can show you how to run like the greatest runners of today. Will that make you a great runner, not necessarily, but what it will do is allow you to run injury free, with greater ease, comfort, stamina, power and strength at any age and feel great in your body. If that appeals to you then start improving your running style today by purchasing our DVD Balance for Movement .

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