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Imagine your life with new attitude

Posted Jun 13 2008 4:03pm
If you could simply change your attitude, what would your life look like?

If you could strive to create more balance in life, how will you benefit?

Imagine you have been able to do this simply (not necessarily easily - to make it easy it takes practice). What kind of life are you creating now?

What would be your life like, if you used the affirmation, “I make better choices” over and over and began to make better choices starting now. What do you see happening? May be you are making better choices in simple things like eating better foods or eating more consciously or not wasting time or natural resources, etc. - by smiling instead of frowning, by letting go instead of staying stressed or distressed. May be you want to go ahead and take one baby step towards your most important goal instead of regretting about the past or worrying about the future, or being immersed in negative thinking about yourself or someone else. Go ahead and move forward in the present moment.

Everything begins in the mind, go ahead and imagine the benefits of all of the above. Then go ahead and just do one of the things now, another in an hour, another tomorrow, and so on. Begin experiencing wonderful, ever joyful life starting now. Reach for the stars. Realize your dreams.

Start now my friend, now is the only time we have. Now is the best time to start. It takes only a few seconds to imagine. Imagine and reap the benefits now because brain cannot tell the difference between imagined and real.

Have a great imagination day.

Do not stop there - act on your imagination by breaking your plan down into byte-size steps. This is the secret to following your bliss, reaching your worthwhile goals, your cherished dreams.

The secret is out.

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