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Ice Ice Baby!

Posted Mar 17 2010 12:00am
What an unoriginal title. Bad, Caitlyn.

So... Here's the scoop on the "bad ass"

It's basically a bad right side of my body... not just my ass. My whole right side from my hip down to my feet, and my hip up to my shoulder were in pain at one point this week. Not exactly a good sign just a few days before the half... but I'm diligent, and know all the tricks for recovery. I devouted every minute of my spare time to some form of recovery (elevation, massage, stretch, ice, heat...), and I think I'm going to be okay.

On my run yesterday, I felt alright... but I decided to run super, super, easy so that I could really have a conversation with my body. Sometimes it's hard to do that on faster runs. Basically it came down to my legs saying "Please get new shoes"... actually, there was no please... it was more like "Get new shoes NOW!"... As soon as I finished my run I sent my friend Mario a message, let him know the deal, and he gave me some advice. He works at a local running store , and set aside some shoes for me. I picked them up today before my workout. I knew I needed new ones, but didn't ever check to see what they looked like. I just figured I didn't want to change anything before the Half... but once I checked the bottom, I realized if I didn't change shoes, I was going to have issues.

You don't need to know much about shoes, or have a high quality picture to see that I am way overdue for a new pair. The shoe on the left are the "bad ass" shoes, causing problems. I've worn the sole all the way down in some areas (you can see where my foot strikes first...) The shoe on the right are my brand new shoes, slightly red from the track... and because they are red and white anyway.

Now for a side view, What a difference between the tread!

The workout went well. It was easy... Almost too easy... I had trouble staying "slow" enough... This tells me I'm a little anxious, and I really, really need to work extra hard to hold back in the first few miles so I don't crash and burn.
The workout was 6 x 800@ 3:10 w/400 recovery.
  1. 3:07
  2. 3:06
  3. 3:06
  4. 3:01
  5. 3:09
  6. 3:04
That 3:01 was mostly due to the fact that a group of boys doing a workout on the track had passed me just slightly ahead of my pace, and I got pulled along a bit. The 3:09 had nothing to due with struggling... and everything to do with trying to stay "on pace." This was my best interval even though it was the slowest. The shoes felt exactly the same, even though they were an upgraded model for the ones I have... but my legs felt nice. Relatively pain free.

Onto the ice
The weather was finally warm enough where I felt slightly less crazy for filling up my claw-foot tub with freezing water, dumping a 10lb bag of ice into it, and diving in. An ice bath is the best option for icing the type of "injury" I have. My whole leg is having issues, it's senseless to just take an ice pack and put it on one spot. That wont do any good. So, I put myself in the entire bath all the way up to my xiphoid process... My back needs the ice too, so I get in as deep as I can (that's the best part about the claw-foot tub. They are really deep!).

Here is how I do this "Ice Bath" thing.
First, I fill up the tub as deep as necessary with the coldest water I can get. Next, I dump in ice. I did 10lbs, but you might not want any if the water is cold enough. Depends on how much of a sucker for pain you are... obviously I enjoy inflicting pain on myself quite a bit. I get towels and my bath robe prepared for the "aftermath" along with some hot water for tea. I grab two of my moms mylar marathon blankets. These blankets retain 90% of the body's heat, this way I can still keep as much heat in as possible while I'm in the ice bath... The point is to take the swelling out of the legs, not get hypothermia. I take one of the blankets and lie it flat on the floor nearby. The other I use to cover my head like a hood and wrap it around any parts of my body not in the water. I used to use towels for this, but these blankets are also water proof, so if you have one, they are perfect because they still work just as well if they get wet (once the towels are wet, they don't really keep you warm!)... I sit in the bath from anywhere between 7-15 minutes... NO MORE THAN THAT! I carefully get out. Your legs will feel funny, because they are so cold. No sudden movements. I take the towel, dry off, put my robe on, and go lie down on the floor where the other blanket is. I wrap my legs in the Mylar blanket, and let them warm up for at least 5 minutes. After I can feel my legs again, I put some sweats on, and get some tea to warm my body on the inside. I find that I get cold about 20 minutes afterward, tea has helped remedy this problem.

My legs feel fantastic after the ice, but my shoulder still hurts. I've been working in the Preschool for Autism all week, and I have to carry children a lot. There is a possible connection. I have to pay more attention to my body at work, too.

I apologize for posting without much thought... but my mind is elsewhere right now. I'll be glad to have this weekend behind me, and will hopefully have a time sub 1:25:00 to add to the happiness!
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