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I was wondering if I could safley use alternative medicines(vitamins,diet ,etc) to treat hypothyroidism. I have been on 50mcg .

Posted by Garnna

Levothyroxine and feeling fine after a year. If not..could I use a reputable on-line pharmcay to refill (no prescription).Thanks!
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i buy all my meds from Why I like them - no prescription ever needed! I hope you will like their service. I've just checked their website and they do have what you need, so give it a try...

I don't believe in alternatives when it comes to serious health problems. If it's stress, I take vitamins and go fo accupuncture. Otherwise, I prefer taking chemical drugs to not risk my life...

There are alternative treatments for hyperthyroidism, but you should start taking them along with your conventional medicines; until you can wean your self of the medication and onto the alternative treatments. Be sure your diet includes plenty of iodine and Armour's Thyroid is a good alternative to Levothroxine.
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