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I want the world to be moving.

Posted Sep 11 2008 7:09pm

by Lesley Powell, director of Movements Afoot

My first goal with all my students is to teach the wonder of how the body moves and bringing about healthy change. I have students from 12 –80 years of age, from dancers, those who want to get in shape and those dealing with injuries. I try to give them different roadmaps to help them connect with their bodies and movement. New roadmaps (how you think about movement and your body) can create positive change; mentally and physicality.

Each student learns differently and has images of their bodies. True learning of the body is connecting with one’s self, their body’s potentials, the body’s function and creativity/expression. Part of our images of ourselves, such as body type, fat/thin, etc., has inhibited one’s potential. Our culture has put a terrible stigma of how we should look/move.

When I teach a group class, it is important to make a personal connection. Students need to feel safe and positive about their bodies. As I get to know students in a class, my feedback to each student depends on their level and movement goals. For instance, I will modify an exercise for a client with an injury and at the same time, demand a more advanced thought for a dancer. The injured client should feel as accomplished as the dancer in taking my class. Their needs/goals might be different, but my job is to make them feel successful in making changes in their bodies.

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