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I'm not able to focus on my studies.

Posted by spellublind



I'm a Engineering student.. few years back when i was in the second year of engineering i decided i'll work for sometime so i flunk in my exams and started working in a call center.. ever since then i'm kind of depressed because my social circle is paralyzed.. i feel uncomfortable hanging out with friends n stuff like that prolly because of money reasons so i usually avoid them also i'm not quite sure why i'm not able to concentrate and study... earlier when i was in the first year of Engineering i used to study like 2 or 3 hrs like a month before exams and i used to pass in all the subjects in fact i used to love when i used to study some new concept.. but right now at the back of my mind i just keep thinkin about studies and when i try to study i feel saturated.. n i hardly study Kindly suggest how do i approach to study... i just got a month now for the exams and i got to clear 8 subjects... Any help is deeply appreciated.

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I've also had problems like this when I was doing my undergraduate degree. I found what helped me was to study but when I just couldn't anymore. To just STOP and do something for me. Go for a walk, read a nice book, something to relax and de-stress/calm down. Then once I felt a little better focusing was a litle bit easier. For me this never 100% went away though. I think this is the infamous "burn-out" people talk about.
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