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I'm almost 17. I weigh 122.4Ib and my height is 5'4 and 1/2. Is this healthy? And how much sleep should I aim for?

Posted by Lia_is_loved

I walk around the mall in the city I live in almost every day. That's my excercise.

I do eat throughout the day yet I feel bigger than I am... 

And I'd also like to know how much sleep I am required to aim for.

Normall I go to bed around 12am and wake up at 6:00am.

And yes, I know that's bad but still. Can you help me?



Lia V

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Hi Lia,

You weight is absolutely perfect for your height! It's wonderful to hear that you are exercising every day by walking.  Are you involved in any sports?   


In regards to feeling bigger than you are, do you find yourself anxious about your weight or size? If so, you may be suffering from body dysmorphic disorder, the perception that something is wrong with your body or appearance. It is a disorder that can be treated by therapists who specialize in eating disorders. If you are feeling very upset or self-conscious about your body, you may want to talk with someone.  

You indicate that you know that it's "bad" to get only 6 hours of sleep.  Are you tired during the day?  Are you drinking caffeine or eating sugar to prop up your energy levels?  The recommended number of hours of sleep for someone your age is 8 - 10 hours.  Listen to your body and sleep more if you need to.

Kind Regards,

Nona Jordan


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