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I heart Halloween

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. Probably not for the reasons that you would think... yeh, yeh... I like seeing the kiddos all dressed up and love to hand out candy, but thats not really what trips my trigger, if you know what I mean... I love Halloween because I love to...


I learned the very first year after we were married, that Halloween to a Venezuelan means nothing. I hadn't ever given much thought to all of the costumes and decorations being a huge 'Hallmark Holiday' type thing that Americans dive into. Come to find out, the Halloween holiday actually scares my tough-as-nails Hubby.

Which makes it all the more enjoyable for me!

He's never really warmed up to the idea of Halloween and my obsession (?) with Halloween tends to freak him out, more than alittle. This is the man who believes all sorts of voodoo things from his homeland, for example they have this saying, "If a witch comes to your window, give her salt. If she comes back again, take the salt back from her".... uh, come again? How many witches come to your window? Yeh, alittle weird is what I thought too... but, it played right into my cards...

See, I like to dress up as something scary at Halloween. I don't know why, I just do. Every year I am a witch, just a different version. This scares Hubby already because I have a black cat. My black cat, Lucy, has been around LONG before I met hubby. She and I are inseparable. So already that freaked him out (also in his country, people don't keep cats as pets... especially not IN the house. They are barn animals to keep away mice, nothing more)... so, learning to love Lucy was already difficult for him, especially b/c she's black (and menacing! HA!)

I use all of this to play into my 'character'. I like to freak him out. Two years ago I dressed up in my wig and full witch makeup and went to the office. He wasn't there, so I sat down and worked in the computer (with my back facing the door). I truly had forgotten that I was all made up, and when he walked in and I turned around, he looked like he had seen a ghost. Later that night, I scared him again- and thats even MORE silly considering he knew I was already dressed up! (scaredy-cat!)

This year I am planning my costume again. In the meantime, I decided to add alittle Halloween pizazz to the house, without being too 'orange and black'. I picked up a skeleton from the dollar store and had my way with him this morning (with the Mod Podge, gold spray paint and gold glitter)... I have a feeling that my dining room centerpiece will garnish some interesting comments tonight when Hubby comes home for dinner!

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