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i have sore ribs on my anterior right side, i am wondering whats wrong with them. i can feel a perfect line going down my ribs.

Posted by ninjaquiden

its more body, but i couldn't really find the right category to put it in. sorry. Its about my ribs. they feel almost as though i pulled a muscle but when i touch the area i can feel a perfect line going from my armpit/axilary area, to about my 8th rib. i thought it was a pulled muscle untill i fealt this. I'm mostly wondering if it is a lymph problem, muscle problem, or possably an artery problem. i have no idea what has caused it. i have been quite stressed lately, and at work sometimes I will be lifting some heavy objects. I dont know if this information is helpful to figure out what it is, i just thought i'd ask before i make a docters apointment. Its not dibilitating, but is a minor anoyance.
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