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I Have an Opinion on Everything, I Just Might Not Share It

Posted Apr 30 2009 1:47pm
You know, I felt like yesterday's post came out of left field. I wasn't planning on posting about dreams and truthfully, I wasn't really thinking hard on the subject. The truth is that I have been outraged by SO MANY things going on around me, that I couldn't say much on my blog without exploding.

See, I know I keep the blog light, often funny. I poke fun at myself and keep you abreast of most of the goings-on in my crazy life, but I don't go deep into topics of controversy or hit you between the eyes with my opinions for a reason.

No, the reason isn't because I want to 'play nice' and have everyone get along. No, I love to push the envelope, or 'stir the pot' as some have liked to say over the years. I am not quiet about much, and I have strong opinions. As you might have also picked up on, I enjoy learning new things and thirst for knowledge. Its those very qualities, though, that make me crazy and why I created this blog.

I didn't start blogging to share my political views, or my parenting views, or any other 'view', really. I started the blog to calm my nerves about such things. I could probably spout off about what I really think about ol' Barry, Napolitano, Pelosi, and the first 100 days, but I won't. Its too painful.

I could wax on about how behavioral problems with our youth start with their parenting at home, and that children aren't capable of raising themselves. I could go on and on about how the responsibility of each parent is to raise a capable and upstanding citizen, and that is a parent's job, not a teacher, a relative, and certainly not the child him/herself.

I could complain about how everywhere I turn, people are doing less of a job than what they are charging me for, and they are charging me more than ever! I could launch into why I think winning IS important and why its so important to be teaching our youth the importance of winning and losing, instead of promoting this idea that 'winning isn't everything'. HA! Right there is the key to why our whole society is suddenly plummeting and everyone has their hands out, looking for a bailout...

See, I could spout off about a zillion things that have me going postal, but I won't. I can't. It hurts my head, it tightens me chest like I'll have a heart attack, and I don't want that to happen. I want to have a reprieve from those feelings and I want to talk about pretty pastures, happy children, and silly antics. I need to lighten up, and this is how I do it!
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