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I have an obsessive eye twitch.Its like a weird release when I'm stressed.

Posted by Jamie

It is not a spasim but a volunteer movement of the muscle under my right eye. It has been going on for over four years now on and off. It seems to get worse when I'm stressed. I hate that I do it but can't convince myself to stop. When people comment on it it just gets worse. It is effecting my life, it is embarassing and makes me look like an insecure freak. Somebody PLEASE HELP me!!!!
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I have exactly the same type of problem but in my neck, therefore it is very noticeable and extremely embarassing! Like you although i've tried to convince myself that i don't need to do it i can't stop and it gets worse when i'm stressed. It started when i was about 8, i'm now 21. would really love it if someone somewhere had some answers!
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