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i have a sore throat, heahache and my knees hurt. is this a allergic reaction to a ferret or my cat?

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My friend has a ferret and for the first time all summer i held him and he got in my face so it was hard not to take a big wiff of him. I read that if you are allergic to cat you are also allergic to ferrets i didnt know that till after i held the ferret. i am allergic to cats but i have to and i can handle it i dont get a bad reaction. but the nigh after holding the ferret i got a bad sore throt and mager headaches. the headache was normal to me i could handle it but it was hard to get out of bed and move it hurt. but i pushed throw it. i thoght it may be my period. but the hole day i felt alwul and my headache never went away even after talking meds for it. my throt is still sore and it is hard to talk and drink i feel like my throat is a tiny coffie straw. im not sure if it was the ferret or if i have sprep. it doesnt feel like strep. i just want to get better thatnk you.

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