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I have a sore armpit theres no lumps it's just sore what does this mean? what can i do to fix it?

Posted by Olivia2

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this happened to me a few years ago and i beared the pain for  a few years until i went to a doctor. its the deodrant your using. i had to stop using all deodrants that were body sprays like calvin klein, ralph lauren and lynx etc. i also got a cream that was prescribed to me called "fucibet", if you live in europe you shud be able to get it, if you live in USA im not sure of the equivalent. Since then i use a low level alcohol limit in my deodrants. All anti-persperants are good. Gillette, Nivea and Vasaline antis are all good. Since you are female Olivia I would try the Vasaline Anti persperant. U can also get sensitive deodrant made by nivea and vasaline. Try changing your deodrant before u go to the doctor. If you live in The USA its very hard to find anti Deods as i lived there before and found it too hard to find anti sprays. hope this hepls.  Cathal. Eire,

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