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I Fell Off the Mule

Posted Apr 26 2009 10:44pm
I know I missed a post yesterday. I am well aware. I had that nagging feeling all day of wanting to sit down at the computer and type, but with a baseball game, and a house full of relatives to entertain, I had to fight my urge to blog. Instead, I had to watch our tee-ballers lose a game they really should have won, and play hostess to my relatives.

But never fear, I thought about you all day!

So here I am, Sunday morning. The ONE morning I am able to sleep in, but our dog heard a mysterious sound at 6am and began barking in protest. Its just unfair! I really would love to sleep in one morning, any morning, just one, please!?!

Last night I received a text to my phone from a friend asking if there would be a post to the blog yesterday or not. I had kinda been wondering the same thing because I had wanted to post all day but I hadn't had the time. When she sent me the text, I was out at the bottom of the ranch, more than a mile away from my computer, crammed into a mud-slung mule (motorized, not live) with Hubby and the relatives, flying through pastures, kicking up water and mud, deluged with mosquitos, and holding a rifle in one hand, my camera in the other, looking for wild hogs...

I knew there was a post right there!

After I replied to my friend that I doubted there would be a post, I thought all about night about posting about the wild hog adventure and how much you would all get a kick out of finding out that I fell out of the mule going record speed, and Hubby never even noticed! Talk about mad! I was furious, wet, covered in prickers, bugs, and pollen and screaming at the top of my lungs!!

Oh what a circus!

The funny thing about this blogging adventure is that just when I think I might not have something to write about, something insane like falling out of a moving vehicle happens and my blogging topic is delivered to me. But don't get me wrong, its not that I run out of things to type about, I have lots and lots to say, all of the time!! Sometimes though, I think that I have to edit my real thoughts and streamline things a bit, or "que dirian?" (what would they think) pops into my head.

Oh crap, who am I trying to kid? Y'all know that I'm nuts already.... and really, that's fine by me!
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