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I can touch my toes!

Posted Jun 30 2007 11:53pm 4 Comments
This may seem like a strange thing to some of you who are naturally flexible, but I grew up not being able to touch my toes. I blame this on having extremely long legs (hey, it does happen)...and, not to mention, tight hamstrings just run in my family. Even in my mid-20s I could not touch my toes. Well, many years of on and off yoga later, and I can now touch my toes. Not only that, but I can actually grab my feet now in a seated forward bend. It is wonderful to be able to honestly say that I am more flexible now in my 30s than I was in my 20s.
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That's great! I have to congratulate you, because as I get older, I realize that it's so easy to lose your flexibility. You've reminded me that something as simple as toe touching is not a privelege, it is something we need to work to be able to do! That's right! Work hard, stretch it out. Yoga is like, the miracle sport. Just love it. Nice work with the toe touch.
I tried a yoga class before and didn't really care for it. I know I should try again because the atmosphere, teacher and style all play a role in the class, but can you get flexible from pilates?
This actually isn't strange to me, Stephanie. I'm actually a very flexible person but I still can't touch my toes. Hopefully, I'll have the same experience as you someday and be able to extend with a little more ease!
I recently had a yoga teacher tell me I should work on not just my hamstrings specifically but also on opening up my hips - that this will help my hamstrings overall. I'm also wondering if my back doesn't have something to do with this as well. I was doing some yoga yesterday and noticed my back was feeling rather inflexible when it came to a forward bend motion. Well, I'm still working on all of it. But yes, it can get better, even as we age...if you practice.
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