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Posted Jul 01 2011 9:07pm

I haven't run much yet, but I'm finally running. Today I ran 4 miles! :)

So as it turns out, we are 90% sure I sprained my back and that I kept hurting the ligament over and over again from work. I still feel pain in my back, but after some graston, I was able to run and move and do everything pain free. The pain I feel now is pretty similar to what I've been feeling the last few weeks, but the reason I'm running now and I wasn't then was simply because we weren't sure yet. I did some trial and error stuff with the PT and decided since running was stationary, and the only thing that seems to make my back worse is weight bearing, I should be okay to run (now that I don't use my back muscles to do it quite the same as I used to)

SO you can check my running log (too lazy to link. It's on the left somewhere)

I had some car trouble recently, so I bit the bullet and got a new one. I hated the ford, but it served it's purpose. Now I have a JUKE! :) Very happy with it so far... Just hope that my budget goes accordingly. There shouldn't be too many surprises since I'm done with the ford. That thing was constantly causing me to pay money I wasn't prepared to pay... Ahh!

This pic was taken by the dealer, who is actually Matthews brother in law. He gave me a really great deal (it was also the last day of the month) and made buying a car really easy. I also found out I have a really good credit score. With all the things I claim to have done wrong with money, who would have thunk it? The one thing I've always been weary of is credit cards. Guess I'm smart after all.... or just lucky? It's great on gas, but still has a sporty personality... It suits me. :) I'm happy about it... but more happy that I can finally use my legs to put some miles down. :) Even if it's only 2-4 right now.
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