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I am doing the bentonite cleanse with psyllium and im getting horrible tummy crams. what should I do?

Posted by fina

I just started taking B&P shakes for about a day and a half. Last night and all of today I have had horrible tummy cramps. I have followed all the directions correctly (I double checked) I have had a bm but it was a regular one. other than that no bm's which i usually have regularly. I have done some research but everyone is diffrent. Im thinking I should do a salt flush? And can I drink a laxitive tea or will that make it worse? Please help!
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More water. Lots more. With the psyllium and immediately after taking it. Less bentonite.

Psyllium is a natural, slippery bulking agent. But if you take it without a enough water it will plug you up, temporarily.

Bentonite is clay and is naturally constipating.

If you take two tablespoons of psyllium and about 24 oz. water twice daily and do not have a boa-constrictor-sized bowel movement within 36 hours, something is drastically wrong.

I assume you are doing this routine as a "cleanse."

You should know that most of what is taught on the web and in many alternative health books is absolute nonsense. You do not have pounds and pounds of rock-hard fecal matter caked up along your digestive track. And your intestines are not full of an assortment of worms -- as shown on some websites. In fact, some of the worms shown on those sites are only found in exotic animals. They'll never be found in humans.

The bentonite, mixed with the psyllium, will produce a bowel movement that has in it bands of dark clay. That's what you're seeing. Not ages-old fecal matter being swept out of your colon.

I studied in the Robert Gray School (which taught colon cleansing) in the early '80s. And for awhile was a true believer. His herbal regimen and diet really are quite healing. But after speaking with a number of gastroenterologists and observing several colonoscopies (including four of my own over the years), I came to realize that the myth of the claim that we carry around 20 or more pounds of caked up fecal matter that lines the walls of the colon. 

You'll never see it if you watch the video screen as the camera is snaked up the length of a person's colon. You'll occasionally see small pockets with putrid matter. But mostly you'll see pink and reddish tissue.

I was challenged on this assertion once by someone in an audience where I was speaking. He said, "Of course you don't see it during a colonoscopy. You take a powerful laxative before a colonoscopy."

And you do. And after taking that laxative, you don't see 20 pounds of fecal matter evacuate your body. But, beyond that, if this caked-up "toxic" material really existed and all it took to clear it out was one treatment with a laxative (most of which traditionally have been natural and/or herbal in origin) then why do the "detox" proponents insist you need a 6-week or 12-week protocol of various cleansers?

It's nonsense. 

End of rant. 

Now.... daily use of psyllium (with PLENTY of water) can be quite helpful -- especially if you suffer from constipation -- but it does take some adjusting to get used to it.  The cramping that will come with early use will go away after a few days.


Hope that helps. 





Awesome RANT...I coulda just kept on reading, as I am very interested. I just started going raw & am now doing a cleanse in the hope of losing weight & getting a clear head, better sleeps, a less achy body & all of the other supposed wonderful benefits that you are to get from cleansing & juicing, etc. Now my question would be bentonite & phsyllium suppose to be a part of your on going daily regime for the rest of your life? Is there a benefit to that or is it just a temporary regime? I know in the beginning you are drinking 3, 4, 5 b/p drinks daily in an initial cleanse...but do you then go to one or 2 drinks a day after that or do you just do a periodic 4+ daily drink cleanse once or twice a year? It's so hard to get all of the information one needs all at once, with all of the various available information on the internet. Thanks, I look forward to another rant...with any & all information you feel like sharing.

Hi Jklisa:

If you are doing a cleanse, you should do it for 3 to 6 weeks. And, yes, twice a year is good.

Whether to use psyllium on an ongoing basis is up to you. I would not use bentonite on a daily basis, year round. Use psyllium if you need to bulk up your stool (that is, if it is chronically watery) and / or if you suffer chronic constipation.

Again, be sure to take the psyllium with LOTS of water at the same time. 

If you are experiencing neither of those issues, you don't need the psyllium on an ongoing basis.

Would be interested in hearing how you feel after six weeks and again, after six months if you are sticking with the raw diet following the initial cleanse. Suspect you will see some improvements in all the areas you cited once you get over the initial "healing crisis."

"Healing Crisis" is the result of adjusting to the extreme change in diet and to increased processing of stored up toxins that you are releasing into your blood stream.

Do what you can dietarily to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the detox and you'll find it much easier to stick with and you'll begin feeling better sooner than if you let it spike and dip throughout the days. (Some juicing detox diets are notorious for spiking blood sugar.)


Hope that helps. 

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