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How to Stop the Killing and Hate We Saw in the NewTown Massacre

Posted Jan 15 2013 12:37pm

Since the massacre in Newtown, CT, the discussion about violence in our country has resurfaced. As we know, there have been many shootings – from Columbine High School, to Virginia Tech, to the movie theater in Aurora, CO.

Understandably, we’re searching for the cause and solutions. I endorse reducing the number of guns, banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines, and offering help to those mentally ill to lessen killings caused by guns. Nevertheless, we would still have hate and on-going wars- just as we have throughout time.

Another theme throughout time is the “power of love.”

Though many of us seek love from other people, places or things, it often ends in failure. Even for people with money, power and recognition like Michael Jackson or Marilyn Monroe.

Why? (drum-roll…) Because if we can’t love ourselves, we can’t believe anyone else can. And if we don’t feel loved, we literally freak out and act out. Love is as necessary to our life as are air, water, and food.

Are you interested in “being” love?

Love, like the rays of the sun, continually radiates from your core. And as demonstrated by the Dalai Lama, love flows as a smile and warmth to all people- even to the Chinese who have killed his people and destroyed Tibetan temples. Inner peace that can translate into world peace is the “power of love.”

(BTW, learning to love yourself unconditionally is what we at Beyond Body Mind Spirit offer- with kindness, compassion and courage.)

The movie below is a clear example of what un-loved looks like and how painfully destructive it is. (Even though he had two loving parents, money, etc.) Check out this trailer, “We Need to Talk About Kevin.” This movie mysteriously landed in my mailbox this weekend. Trusting the universe that now is the perfect time to see it, I pass it on to you.

Please let me know how you feel we can stop the killing and hate.  I welcome the chance to collaborate.

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