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How to manage Food Cravings with Plant Hormones and Endorphins

Posted Dec 12 2009 9:47am

When you are craving for something and don't know what that is - even after a few hours of eating everything sinful within reach hoping its 'the one' - its possible you require some help in getting your body to release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that help us feel secure, relaxed, and enjoy ourselves. Prolonged illnesses and energy crises in our bodies confuse our endorphin mechanisms making it difficult for us to release endorphins when we need to.

This natural ability of ours can be brought back to balance by paying attention to our food cravings - even welcoming them as signs that we are beginning to assert our own nature now - rather than eating what the magazines and doctors say we should. Paying attention to our food cravings gives us clues about which part of us needs help balancing.

Notice the time of day you start feeling the food cravings:

Early morning to Noon - Your body is finding it hard to absorb and retain Vital energy. The vital energies and extracts of the roots of plants will help.
11.30am to 3.30pm - Your body is unable to transfer and convert energies. A combination of Bark, Stem and Leaves will help.
3.30pm to 8.30pm - Your body is unable to express or use energy properly. The Flowers will help you get back in the flow.
8.30 pm to 3am - Your body is very low on sexual energy, or vital energy reserves. You need a combination of Root, Fruit and Flower energies.

Fruit Endorphins are great and effective right through the day and night.

Once you find out which time you are most prone to having food cravings, what you need to do is get those natural endorphins and have them in little doses through the day - long before the cravings time arrives. These will get your body into the habit of being happy and enjoying life through the day and as you slowly lessen your intake of them, the body will continue being happy.

How the different parts of plants direct and support our own energy processes

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