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How to change your Energy Field Flow or Consciousness

Posted Dec 12 2009 9:50am

As a child I felt a feeling of warmth and sacredness every time I approached the altar in church. My teacher later explained to me that every place where someone truly experienced God had its actual energy pattern modified, and it then became easier and easier for others to have a similar experience in that place. As the days and months went by I noticed the effect of different places on people and people on places. It was so interesting, and the world full of so many differently charged places that some of my first energy field healing experiences came from healing the energy fields of places.

While learning how to recognize and correct the energy fields of buildings, fields and geopathic stressed areas (where manmade pollution had destructively modified the ability of the soil to regenerate and so on); I saw first hand how easy it is for humans to change our own consciousness or 'energy field flow' if we really want to.

Our 'consciousness' is the pattern in which our energy flows out from the center of our bodies. All our traits and behavioral tendencies - both acquired and genetic - develop according to this pattern. While the basic part of the energy pattern is something innately our own, by which we recognize ourselves and others on a soul or spirit level, the rest is a mix of habit, influence and requirement.

If we for some reason are not happy with our life or body habits and how our energy is being used, we can change our consciousness - or energy field pattern - so that we break out of regressive attitudes and habits, emotional cycles of pain and loneliness and so on. We can truly change everything about ourselves that we are not ok with truly. We are not slaves to the build up of our lives, our past, or anything at all. We have this natural freedom - the divine right to change our consciousness at will.

To radically;
Break out of cycles of Pain
Break out of low self esteem and guilt cycles
Change your body's management of hormones
Change patterns of thought and feeling you feel trapped within
Break out of needing things you don't really want in your life,
the thing to do is change your consciousness or energy field pattern.

There are 3 simple steps to changing our Consciousness.
1) Break down existing energy pattern.
2) Change energy focus.
3) Change energy source.

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