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How to break out of Emotional Habit

Posted Nov 14 2009 7:07am

Just as the constant flow of water shapes and breaks the hardest rock, so Emotional Habit surely and definitely alters our bodies and lives.
Learning to use this beautiful natural process to heal and build our selves up is an experience available to us for free, right where we are, any time we want.

My friend Francesca from Romania used to cry every evening. Something or the other would happen, or she would remember some terrible thing - from this life or a previous one - and she would cry. Crying at home, crying on the roof, crying in the park, crying in the bathroom at the theater, crying all over the place. The crying only happened in the evening at dusk - and it happened no matter where she was.

I tried reminding her about the terrible memories in the morning - but she couldn't even feel sad about them - let alone squeeze a tear out. She was all sunshine and optimism in the morning but the evenings broke her.

I was familiar already with the fact that emotional habits can cause much chronic 'suffering' but one should always wait to check that there isn't any real immediate pain behind the suffering. This is because real pain can sometimes take months to cry out and it is an injustice against the spirit to call it a habit.

There are however instances when our suffering is caused mostly by emotional habit. These are not things that happen in a few weeks or months - these develop over years and continue long after the situations that caused them end.

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