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How do you Relate and Communicate with the ones you love?

Posted Oct 11 2010 3:39pm
Just watch people talking, and you will be amazedeverywhere there is misunderstanding.
You are saying something, something else is understood.
osho: The Golden Future

This time of Thanks giving, provides many moments of intense conversation, emotional release, and simply powerful interaction with your friends, family, and loved ones. Understanding the delicate approach to relating and communicating with all those around us is a powerful asset to have in any situation, though during these times of coming together more-so than ever.

So how does this have anything to do with meditation? To relate with others with grace, understanding, and powerful attentiveness one must truly know how to be simply with themselves.

Love means the art of being with others. Meditation means the art of being with your self.
Love and meditation are two aspects of the same coin, a person who cannot be with themselves will have one moment where everything is going well and another moment where everything is gone - the relating, the communication is filled with noise - it will always be going up and down; it will not gain depth.
It also goes the other way too, one who has difficulty being with others, of relating, will find it very difficult to relate with themselves, because the art of relating is the same. Whether you relate with others or you relate with yourself does not make much difference; it is the same art.

As you spend time with your loved ones, at anytime view it as an incredible opportunity to dive into learning these two arts - of being with your self, and of being with others. 
Be with people, and not unconsciously, but very consciously.
Place your full awareness on their words, the passion and emotion to what they are saying, the flow of their body - release yourself from the list, being verbalized in your mind - be fully present in that moment simply with them, listen... and communicate fully with them.
Relate with people as if you are singing a song, as if you are playing on a flute; think of each person as a musical instrument. Respect, love and worship them, because they are sharing with you what is most important in life... they are sharing with you, this very moment.

A great practice is to be very careful, very attentive. Be aware of what you are saying and what you are doing - just small things destroy relationships, and small things make relationships so beautiful. Sometimes just a smile, and the others heart is open to you; sometimes just a wrong look in your eyes, and the other is closed - it is a delicate phenomenon. Think of it as an art; just as a painter is able to change a whole painting with a single stroke, so are you with every word every action. A real painter can change the whole painting just by a single stroke. 
For a beautiful representation of what a simple brush stroke can do - here's a video of sand art by a Ukrainian artist
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