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How do you move?

Posted May 21 2012 3:50pm

I move, you move, we all move. Neurosicentist Daniel Wolpert states "The brain exists for one reason only - to produce adaptable and complex movement." How you move determines brain development potential. Our society has sytematically detached our thinking brain from our body with lifestyle, education, and exercise regimens. We treat our body and movement as a mechanism that must be controlled by our thinking brain. I would like to see someone use biomechanics to teach a baby how to roll over!

Finally we are using science to reverse some trends like: 

To Stretch Or Not To Stretch?: Research now suggests that stretching before a workout isn't necessarily a good thing, because it causes the brain to think you're about to tear those muscles, says Gretchen Reynolds or The New York Times. "When you stretch and hold a pose, the brain thinks you are about to damage yourself and it then sends out nerve impulses that actually tighten the muscles," she explains. "... The result is, you're less ready for activity, not more ready for activity."

Brain intelligence and learning cannot be separated from HOW WE MOVE, so by becoming aware of how to move with your structural design in any activity is key. Moving with awareness and presence creates flexiblity of mind and body, power and strength, and expands the thinking mind to be without rigidity or limits.

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