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How do you eliminate Stress?

Posted Jun 21 2010 9:08am

You find yourself within a bus, subway, social function, or simply a situation where business colleagues, family or friends are in the midst of a confrontation… it all begins to feel overwhelming, your mind starts creating infinite possibilities of what may happen, your body reacts to your fleeting conceptions… breath quickens, chest tightens, anxiety begins to settle in…

As society continues to dive into a more demanding life path, filled with more and more responsibilities, greater pressures to excel, and growing population densities, it is natural for many to search for ways to cope with this increased stimulus.

Many of those that I take through meditative discourses are searching for ways to be at peace within situations pushing their mental, physical and even spiritual limits. This instance, where something out of your control tests and brings you to certain physical and mental limits, is our conventional definition of Stress. These limits have been following the same patterns for ages; when your mind ventures into a state of unfocused ‘ideation’ where it begins to create infinite ideas and possibilities, ‘what-ifs’ (99% of which will never transpire), it becomes flustered, tired, pushed to the limits. This self-created mind state impacts the ability to focus, decision making skills, creativity, and a whole host of negative physical reactions.


The answer to eliminate stress within any situation is simply to focus on your breath. You hear it all the time… “Just breathe, relax, it will all be fine”…

It is so prevalent, so easy… then why is it so difficult?

It is not difficult; you do it 18 times a minute! Where the disconnect lies is in the reality that the growth and movement of our modern day civilization has been so rapid that we simply have not taken the time to practice, tune into, or understand our breath. The most primary element of our survival.

Breath control and practice is the fundamental building block of all meditations, and for some – like Pranayama – are primarily focused upon it.

The next time you find yourself within any situation that begins to stress your current state, simply and privately do this:

  • Acknowledge and internalize that in the grand scheme of things this situation is a stitch in the fabric of life
  • Take a deep breath - breathing in the situation and reflecting on your surroundings - and exhale all tension
  • After this exhale draw your attention to the next breath and focus on the pause at its peak before you breathe out, as you breathe out focus on the pause at its trough before you breathe back in
  • Continue this for as long as it takes, sit back silently witnessing what is transpiring
Your mind will be at ease, your body will release tension, and if it is within a business setting you will be better suited to intuitively act strategically in any situation. Meditative practice can bring you to a state where you are always within relaxed clarity, having focused on your breath before hand so that you are already within - your mind state resilient and unmovable as a mountain, ready to strike like a gust of wind and act on intuition at any moment.

Creativity blossoms in relaxation.

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