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How Do You Benefit by Spending Time Alone?

Posted Nov 29 2010 12:28pm

Over the years I’ve learned to enjoy spending time alone .  The quiet, the freedom, the ability to do what I want to do rather than what I should do.

I was looking at my stats recently and noticed a theme. Many people are searching for the benefits of spending time alone and landing on my site.  You can Google “benefits of spending time alone” and find a list of posts and articles.  The truth is the benefits will be different for everyone.

Time alone takes many forms.  For me it might mean a walk on the beach or around my neighborhood, cooking, a personal yoga practice, meditation, or home alone cleaning the house.  Below are some of the benefits I’ve experienced by spending time alone.

Time to block out the “noise”. Spending time alone allows me to tune in more to who I am, what I enjoy and what my beliefs are, rather than living by someone else’s rules.

Increased confidence. When I’m ok being by myself, I feel more confident when I’m with others.  Spending time alone provides me with a strong sense of self.

Downtime & Relaxation. Without others around, I can push responsibilities (work or home) aside and do what I want to do – a walk on the beach,  writing, playing my music loud, watching TV or taking a nap.

Less distracted and more present. Spending time alone tunes me in more to my environment – people, places and things. I’m more awake, aware and present.

I feel better. I’m relaxed, refreshed and ready to engage again with others.

I don’t like to be alone for too long, otherwise I get lonely.  I do enjoy talking with and being around people!  However, on those occasions when I have the house to myself or a walk by myself, I cherish it. Life is busy, being alone is a great way to wind down, clear the mind and just plain feel good.

How about you? Do you spend time alone? What benefits have you realized as a result?

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