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How do I get relief from the numbness and burning in my feet? It bothers me most when lay down.

Posted by heatman09

I have a lot of burning and numbness in my feet.  .  I have to wear socks at night because my feet are cold.  My Dr. says my circulation is fine.  As far as I know, I do not have diebetes.  I have had past problems with herniated and bulging discs in L4 and L5. I do not currently have any back pain.

What can I do to solve this problem.  I have difficulty falling asleep because of this.

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If you have ruled out any type of physical disorders that might be causing the pain and numbness, I would suggest undertaking a mind-body approach to your problem.  Often times cold feet and hands are a result of stress -  reducing your stress levels and using focused meditation and relaxation techniques could really reduce your pain and help you sleep.  I also recommend the book the Mind-Body Prescription by Dr. John Sarno for a lot of great information about the mind-body connection.

Please let us know what you decided to do.  

Kind Regards,

Nona Jordan

Insight Health Coaching

I have the same trouble as you,I to have to wear socks to bed as my feet are so cold and hurt,I have the tingling pain that goes up both legs,I also have no feeling below my left ankel,When i go to bed is the worst,First my feet feel cold and painful like frost bitten,than when they warm up they feel like there on fire and really hurt,I do not have diabetes i was tested.I have DDD in my l3 l4 and a bulging disc in my neck.

Ive been like this for 4 years now,the numbness in the left foot never goes away first noticed a deep itchy feeling and than my foot went numb below left ankel.

Thank you if anyone knows what could be wrong,please email me at  thank you

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