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Housekeeping on the Blog

Posted Jan 11 2009 4:19pm
Who knew that housekeeping follows you everywhere? Yep, it does. Just because today I had Martha here to clean my house for me, I did not escape the Housekeeping chore. It just so happens that I am talking about housekeeping here on the blog

Okay, first off: Comments

A couple of months ago I switched to a 3rd party Comment software to deal with the comments. The idea behind it was that each comment was able to receive comments, and form threads. Well, it didn't happen the way that I had hoped, and it started to cause problems... for example:

Several people have emailed me that the Comments aren't showing up on their pages. I don't know why. Yesterday's post about gardening had 4 comments, but two separate people emailed me that they didn't even have the Comment option showing up! What? Well, it seems to be persnickety and since I want everyone to be able to leave comments, I deleted the 3rd party commenting stuff. Back to good old Blogger...

BUT that means that the old stuff is gone, and your old comments are gone with it. Thats horrific considering there was some good stuff in there, but hey- just get busy leaving new ones, ok? I'm sorry that you can't comment to the old posts that had the old comment software, it is what it is... there's nothing I can do about it. I'm more sorry than you know.

Now, more housekeeping STUFF. The stuff to the right margin? The Discussion Forum? That is feed coming from the BwhoUR Network. I am feeding it into this page so that you can see what others are posting. I will continue to add feeds from the Network to my blog, so if you wonder where they are all coming from, its from my BwhoUR Network. Are you a member? If not, you should be! Go there and join now, I command you! :) Its really booming, we're up to almost 100 members in just 30 days and growing steadily.

Another thing: if you are reading the posts in a Feed Reader, or you've Joined Our Circus (you receive your daily updates to your email inbox), I want to say THANK YOU! But hey, you can't comment that way, so every now and then, please come visit and drop me a note in the comments so I know you're still out there. Got it? Its like writing home, just drop me a line and tell me you're A-Ok and I'm happy.

Thats it for now guys and dolls... I am going to hit 'Post' and pray that the comments section shows up for this post and if so, please leave me one so I don't feel rejected for deleting all the old comments. I couldn't help it!

Hey, anyone that wonders about yesterdays random post about gardens? It was a review! Yep! Betcha couldn't tell, could you? You know you can do it too! Click the link below and tell 'em I sent you! :)

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