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Housekeeping and a Voluminous Cow

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
First of all, alittle housekeeping...

Look to your right of this post (if you're reading this on blogger, that is)... see the FOLLOWERS icon? There are just 2 little thumbnails there, and I know there are more than 2 of you reading this! Click there and join!

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Moving on...

Before Ike hit, I was outside one evening with Cala, my insane German Shepherd. She is confused, and I feel sorry for her. Part of her wants to guard and protect me, another part wants to frolic and play and yet another part, and instinct so deep it overtakes everything else, wants to herd cows.

Never mind the fence in her way, Cala traversed back and forth along this fence for a good 2 hours, doing her best to corral the cows and their young. She used to go under the fence and nip their ankles but in her old age, she can't get under the fence. Damned hips get the best of us all, don't they?

Watching her dart back and forth, bark and wag her tail at the same time, I was struck (again) by the enormous size of the cows. They are huge. Huge and beautiful.

I realize that most people don't get to see cattle up close and personal like I do. Most see grazing cows as they fly by on the interstate, or far in the distance. I have them in my back yard. My front yard. My side yard. My barn. Hell, one time I even had them in the new house (wish I had my camera for that one)...

So I took this shot. Its a great one to show you the enormous size of our cows. This is a female cow. She has a young calf and so she's alittle depleted, a tad thinner than normal, as she's lactating and using up lots of calories...

In front of her is my 85 lb German Shepherd. She's a big dog. She is dwarfed by her 'buddy'. Wow.
Random I know, but I thought you might enjoy it!
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