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Hormonal Rebellion - Healing from Trauma during Puberty

Posted Nov 06 2009 11:59pm

Its amazing how most of us are so scarred by our traumatic entry into adulthood that we dare not really allow ourselves to remember how we felt back then. People convinced us it was normal to be traumatized and we accepted that. Every day, 9 out of 10 human energy fields I make medicine for, have clear indications of trauma experienced in the pubescent years.

It appears that a majority of all hormonal imbalances that lead to cancers of the reproductive system, wrong body hair patterns, sleep cycle disturbances, clinical depression, skin cell health problems, body image imbalances and body weight imbalances originate in trauma that happened in the years around puberty.

Around puberty - usually between the years 7 to 13/14;
1) We form our idea of how we as adult men or women will be treated in exchange for the duties we discharge and the attitude we have to others
2) We also form an idea of what treatment we will accept in our adult life ahead

If this idea we formed then, was one that made us willing to accept abuse of any kind, or conform to ideals we didn't agree with deep down, our body rebelled right then causing what is called an 'hormonal rebellion'. A hormonal rebellion is the body producing stress hormones to combat what it considers unfair pressure or treatment - even if it isn't actually happening yet. Stress hormones cause rushes of sebum to surface skin cells causing all manner of eruptions there, imbalances in the hormones of the gut causing digestive problems (and weight problems later on), hair, teeth and bone fragility as well.

Hormonal Rebellion also includes the production of huge amounts of the male hormones (like testosterone) as a sort of preventative 'in case I am attacked' but this huge over-production doesn't do anyone - male or female - any good, as the body tends to swing towards the other extreme every now and then to cope. In men this causes emotional volatility, submissiveness and agression in bouts and uncontrollable physical energy in phases. In women it causes over-defensiveness, painful periods and hyper-sensitivy in phases.

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