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Holistic Treatment for Insomnia

Posted Nov 07 2009 10:00pm

I’ve been having some sleep problems since this night cough and post nasal drip came back few weeks ago. As such, I’m looking at some holistic treatment for insomnia to help me get more sleep!


From my research, I have learnt that insomnia is most often caused by sleep disorders though there are other causes including fear, stress, anxiety, medications, herbs and caffeine. My hubby had a double shot of white coffee few days ago and he found himself wide awake the entire night! And he’s usually the one who sleeps more soundly than a baby! So he spent the night going on line and looking at pa job listings in a new directory. An overactive mind or physical pain can also be the cause which explains why relaxation techniques can help to improve sleep patterns. In order to cure insomnia, it is necessary to find out the underlying cause.

Many people with sleep problems rely on sleeping pills and other sedatives to try to get some rest. Holistic treatment can include the use herbs such as valerian, chamomile, lavender, hops, and/or passion-flower.

Some natural remedies for insomnia have included drinking warm milk before bedtime, taking a warm bath in the evening; exercising vigorously for half an hour in the afternoon, eating a large lunch and then having only a light evening meal at least three hours before bed, avoiding mentally stimulating activities in the evening hours, and making sure to get up early in the morning and to retire to bed at a reasonable hour.

I was also told that traditional Chinese medicine can also treat insomnia naturally with acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle analysis, herbology and other techniques.

Although these holistic treatment methods have not been scientifically proven, some have reported taht these remedies can help to break the insomnia cycle without the need for sedatives and sleeping pills. Warm milk contains high levels of tryptophan, a natural sedative. Using aromatherapy, including lavender oil and other relaxing essential oils, may also help induce a state of restfulness.

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