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Holistic Treatment for Asthma and Sinusitis

Posted Mar 15 2010 8:21am

My five year old has been getting sniffies and a phlegmy cough lately and it’s worrying me. After a visit to the doctor, I was told that he might have an asthmatic condition which led me to start reading more about holistic treatment for asthma and sinusitis . It is pretty normal that people with asthma tend to experience sinus infection at one point or another.

When asthma comes with sinus infection, a holistic treatment method can be a challenging one. When a person’s nose is blocked, the individual is forced to breath through their mouth which can likely trigger an asthma attack. Air breathed through the mouth is colder than the air breathed through the nose and cold air is known to trigger asthma attacks. Overuse of antibiotics, environmental factors, bacteria and fungi among others often increases the occurrence of asthma and sinusitis.

Asthma and sinusitis are considered as inflammatory diseases. Holistic treatment for asthma and sinusitis should include drinking enough fluids, nose irrigation, taking Vitamin C, echinacea, zinc, garlic, breathing clean air, avoiding allergens and regular exercise. Understand that sinusitis can worsen asthma. However, many patients who have successful treatment of their sinus infection find that their asthma also improves after some time. My fish food supplier was one of them whose wheezing had improved when his sinus was treated.

Controlling the inflammatory process in the nose can help to control asthma symptoms. And along with prevention and holistic treatment, maintaining a healthy well-balanced lifestyle and diet is the most important for most illnesses.

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