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Hockey linked to Meditation!? Professional athletes... in the moment

Posted Sep 30 2010 9:11am
First it must be known, with modern Minds in a constant state of activity, stimulus and thought, we must take a modern approach to meditation. Traditional forms contain powerful elements that we can learn from, evolve, and apply - though many of these have been created at a time where silence has been easy to come by and was a part of a daily life of those in the past.

Understanding this, when reading any traditional text or technique, the ability to enter the state of pure receptivity without any verbalizing of the moment - simply experiencing the moment -  is portrayed as simple, because it was. Now we must learn, and reteach ourselves what this receptive state is, a state beyond the verbalizing mind, one that has full mental capacity in the Now not wasted on the past or the future. From this comes the ability to sense your next move quicker then the mind can rationalize, deduce, analyze and create a hypothesis - you enter a state of Full Potential.

I once spoke to the team psychologist for the gold medal winning Canadian Womens Hockey Team Dr. Peter Jensen, about the link of meditation, the ability to be completely in the moment receptive to everything coming your way, and the peak performance of a professional athlete - he is a huge advocate of visualizing the perfect outcome and reflecting on your actions before you do, this he has introduced to the team to outstanding success.

There is a good little example of this in action - Sidney Crosby scoring the Gold Medal winning goal, was asked "Guide us through the last moments coming to your goal, it seemed like it came out of nowhere?" he simply answered "I don't know, I don't know I just saw the net the puck and went for it". This is meditation. He scored the overtime game winning goal, leading Canada to be the top hockey nation in the world... once again.

 Check out the video of the goal and interview for yourself, click the link below:
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