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highlight on complementary and alternative medicine

Posted Jan 29 2008 5:17pm 3 Comments


Have you heard of instances when doctors have given up on a certain illness saying it’s already terminal, and yet was cured or alleviated by alternative medicine? I do. Complementary and alternative medicine may provide you with a variety of options and traditional treatment, but it’s worth noting that some can even hurt you. Before considering complementary medicine, you can try to be open-minded at the same time critical about it.
Complementary and alternative medicine dates back thousands of years ago and was practiced by many cultures around the world. In fact, it can even be looked at as the first forms of medicines used before the conventional medicines came about. However, this type of treatment is not backed up by scientific research and its effectiveness simply relies on its early uses and common claims.

That’s why it is important to gather information as well as the credentials of people who advocate complementary and alternative medicine from a range of sources to widen your knowledge on what type to use and the prescribed dosage. After all, complementary and alternative medicine, although some might be derived from herbs, are still potent and requires a physician’s supervision.

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I totally agree. Synthetic medicines were only based on herbal medicines from which people from early days have discovered.Since time immemorial, human's first clothes were wool and animal skin...It was only lately that humans have invented synthetic materials to create has revolutioned the way we clothe ourselves. One of these great inventions is the adar lab coat..
I like this information and it is very true that you have gather all kinds of information before picking your holistic doctor.  It's interesting that every alternative health care provider I talk to says that they treat and heal patients who have been to every other doctor with no results. This is true, I love getting those patients into my clinic because they have tried everything and I love helping them. They can be challanging but they usually respond pretty well to chiropractic, acupuncture and other natural health methods.

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  Good health to all.

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