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Hi!! I am 22 weeks prego today!! Chances of Pre-term labor...

Posted by Ayagnik

 Last week as I complaint to my doc with slight pelvic, abdominal and back pain, my doc held an immediate u/s and told me about the funneling that had already happened. This is our first baby and I am super scared. As funneling could lead to pre-term labor and I am only 22 wks, Doc has advised me bed rest as much as I can. I need to travel back to my country for delivery in a couple of weeks. Please advise if Meditation and yoga can help move the baby away from the cervix. Baby is not engaged yet and i feel kicks sometimes on the right side and at times on the left side of my lower abdomin. and presently baby is kicking right below my navel.

Awaiting your reply. 

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