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Hey there, hi there, ho there... ...

Posted Nov 21 2008 2:57pm

Hey there, hi there, ho there....

I left this morning at 7:15 and it is 2:45 and I just walked in the door. So far today I have:

-driven to Huntsville to drop son at school
-had impromptu discussion with teacher regarding another child in class that brought a knife to school *horrors* and I was voicing my DEEP CONCERN. My God, this is private school and they're 5 years old!
-received a much needed bottle of alcohol for my upcoming week (read yesterday's post) THANK YOU JULIE!
-hashed about life out in the parking lot with 2 Moms at school;
-drove to The Woodlands, TX
-shopped and finally, FINALLY got my MAC Studio Fix plaster, oh... I mean, makeup.
-drove to Conroe and went crazy with all of the traffic, but went to Petsmart, TJ Maxx and Old Navy (did not purchase, aren't you proud of me?)
-I did buy Mario pajamas for son at Kohls;
-drove back to Huntsville, TX
-picked up son
-drove to Madisonville
-drove straight to barn where I shot several videos of horses that were saddled, ready, and waiting for me;
-now I'm starting laundry, making a sandwich for hubby, starting homework, EATING for the first time all day (except for the 2 pizza rolls that Julie gave me *thanx*) and starting on the 3 horse videos I still have to do before tonight as I promised (why did I do that?)
-then I'll start dinner...

I don't know if it sounds like a lot, but I am whipped. Probably from all the driving and fighting with traffic. It really knocks my socks off.

I have been meaning to post the picture of Cala since we shaved her. Her 'before pic' is at the top of this post, and after... trust me, she's fine and shaving her is actually helping her skin disorder, despite the fact that she looks alittle... odd (shhh!!!!! don't tell her that please!)
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