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Hemorrhoids: Important information one must know

Posted Apr 01 2009 12:56am

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are sometimes referred to as piles.   These are small lumps or swellings in a person’s anus and in the areas sorrounding it.   Hemorrhoids are usually the product of too much pressure in the anus.   It can happen to anyone without bias as to gender or age.

What are the effects of hemorrhoids?

Like any disease, at the onset, hemorrhoids are far from deadly but if left untreated it can also lead to more serious health problems.   Its effects are also be far reaching and can severely affect the normal functioning of the individual.

Hemorrhoids can have the following effects:

1)       Physical pain such and discomfort because of the difficulty in passing stool and because of irritation.

2)       Psychological pain brought about by the discomfort

3)       Social stigma.  

Hemorrhoids symptoms

Hemorrhoids usually have the following manifestations:

1)       Prevalence of irritaion in the rectum

2)       Appearance of swelling in the anal area.

3)       Stools are hard and dry making it difficult to pass out.

4)       There is sometimes irritation in the rectum.

5)       Stools are sometimes stained with blood.

6)       In the advanced stages, lumps can already be observed in the anus.

Causes of hemorrhoids

There are a number of studies pointing out that hemorrhoids are products of an interplay of a person’s lifestyle, eating habits and work.   Here are the usual causes of hemorrhoids:

1)       Poor bowel movement.   Individuals who do not do regular bowel movements are prone to have hemorrhoids.  

2)       Eating patterns such as when individuals eat less fiber.

3)       Pregnancy

4)       Workplace such as temperature, prolonged sitting or lifting heavy objects

5)       No physical exercise

6)       Obesity


Precuations for Hemorrhoids

It may be daunting to hear all of these things about hemorrhoids.   As the doctors always say, prevention is better than cure.   Although hemorrhoids is a condition that can easily be treated, it alway pay to do preventive measure so we can avoid the hassle.   Here are some recommendations:

1)       Getting a regular dose of physical exercise.   This is the most basic precautionary measure for hemorrhoids.

2)       Fibrous diet.   Eating foods that are rich in fiber helps in flushing out stool easily in the rectum avoiding too much pressure in the anal walls.

3)       Drinking plenty of fluids.   The water will help out to soften the stools so the invididual will not have difficulty in excreting them.   If the stools are soft, there will be less pressure in the anus.

4)       Have a regular defecation schedule.   Condition yourself to do defecation in certain hours of the day such as in the morning.

5)       Avoid lifting heavy items as this strains the anus.

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