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Help. I have had a lump sensation in throat for about 3 months. Swab negative. GP said would be stress, but now partner has it.

Posted by lives-by-the-sea

I have had a lump sensation in my throat for about 3 months now. I have been to see my GP and the throat swab came back negative. It started with a raw sore feeling in back of throat. This subsided and felt as though a lump of mucus / often felt like a hard sweet was lodged there. It is very uncomfortable and is causes a quite sickly feeling.

Unable to cough up much phlegm and mucus I do bring up is in small amounts, thick, clear with white specks.

 2 days ago started to get pain and sensation as though something small and hard was lodged behind my right tonsil / air pipe area.

GP said could be anxiety but now my partner has similar symptoms (though his tonsils have been taken out).

 My GP wasn't really willing to do much else.

I am very concerned and in a lot of discomfort.

I also started to feel a recurring jabbing sensation in the right upper area of my chest (just under breast). I asked my partner if he has also been having chest pains and he advised me that he has and that they have just started. We both feel they are related to the throat problem.

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