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Hello, it’s your body here, are you listening?

Posted Sep 11 2008 7:03pm

By Carole Fogarty

Inspiration: A weekly feature:

Ok, so there is a good chance that many of you reading this article today are feeling drained, depleted, lethargic, tired or even totally exhausted. Tiredness is definitely one of the most common complaints that we are all likely to come across with regularity.


Malla Mi’s

In fact maintaining a healthy, constant stream of nourishing energy is one of the greatest challenges we face in todays world. We simply never seem to have enough.

I am a strong believer that our body is always talking to us but the big question is whether we are always listening. I think not. Or at least not often enough. If we practiced the simple art of listening more often to our bodies we would prevent exhaustion setting in.

Check in with your body often throughout your day:

  1. As you wake in the morning
  2. As you drive the car
  3. When eating a meal
  4. Whilst sitting at your computer

Simply stop, breathe and create some space between our thoughts and listen to the personal needs your body has today.

When you allow an open and clear flow of communication between yourself and your body it results in an enormous amount of time and energy being unnecessarily.

Your body has ways of GRABBING your attention:

Your body can grab your attention gently in soft whispers or yell and scream causing a huge commotion which puts your life on hold with serious ailments, health issues or even disease.

You can PRETEND to the world but not to your body:

Sure you can soldier on as your mind will often tell you to do. Make sure you keeping moving at a frantic pace, totally ignoring the signals and signs, pretending to yourself that you feel great or that tomorrow you will feel better. Some of you may even be in total denial (I’ve been there before) and feel that being tired is a sign of weakness or worse still total failure so you’ll just pretend that its not happening and ignore the warning signals.

Whatever your personal story, it doesn’t matter. The truth will always be revealed. Your body will eventually show signs of energy depletion effecting your well being being, quality of life and how you age.

Your mind NEVER has the answers:

I have recently moved home, two of my children have just moved schools ( big emotional energy) and I have inherited an 18 year old in need of a need of a place to stay. I decided to add one more home business to my life and then start my very first blog; The Healthy Living Lounge which could well be considered one more home business and that’s all within the last few months. Oh, I also threw in a business boot camp weekend just to make sure I stirred the pot well.

My mind never once suggested take it easy:

My sometimes useful but not terribly practical mind when it comes to my health totally took over at a ridiculous pace. How dare it. Did it ask me? No. Not at all. It thinks it’s so clever! What a joke. Waking me up at 4.00 a.m convincing me to start work whilst it’s still dark, telling me to ignore the tired messages from my body, convincing me I am super women and what’s more unbelievable, for a short while I believed it. What was I thinking.

My mind never once suggested step back, re-evaluate or let go of a few unimportant things, it simply was not interested in my well being only about achieving and squeezing more madness in.

You see my body had been trying (very patiently I might add) to get my attention and I wasn’t listening. Luckily for me this little episode of denial didn’t go on for too long otherwise ill health would have eventually prevailed, then who’s clever. Definitely not my not my work alcoholic, I can do everything, all at once, plus some more mind.

If you ignore the gentle guiding whispers from your wise, intelligent body, you can guarantee, over time, the body will create something more serious to get your attention. You are then forced (against the minds desire) into resting, repairing and rejuvenating yourself on all energetic levels.

I am so tired I can’t even hear my body:

Now, what if you saying to yourself as you read this article, that sounds great but I’m so fatigued, so tired and so exhausted that I have temporarily lost connection to what my body wants and needs.

Lucky for you I have a simple solution which I personally use when I find myself in exactly the same situation.

Today I visited Cheryl Richardson’s web site a well known life and business coach who has “Touch of Grace” oracle cards on her web site. You don’t need to sign up. It’s all free. Simply click on a touch of grace icon which appears on the front page.

The purpose behind using the oracle cards in this instance is to allow a higher consciousness or wiser part of yourself to reveal what is most needed in your life right now.

Give yourself the energy gift of listening to your body’s intelligence today and then take action. Your body knows exactly what it needs without a doubt.

Thanks for reading my article.

Peace, love and happy conversations to you all, Carole

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