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Health issues we prefer not to talk about

Posted by Nirmala N.

According to a recent article I read on WebMD, there are millions of women who don't want to talk about bodily conditions and issues that are considered shameful or embarrassing--this includes stuff like frequent urination, excessive sweating, gas, lack of libido, irritable bowel syndrome, and vaginal odor. It makes sense, considering that according to researchers, "toilet talk is followed by body odors, vaginal odors, and bad breath in terms of embarrassing women's health issues." But at the same time, doctors suggest that since effective treatment is often in reach, NOT talking about such issues can be even worse for women in the long run.

Because of the cultural shame that often surrounds speaking frankly about our bodies and their functions, there can be a great deal of confusion over what's normal, what's treatable, etc. Frankly, I'd be chary about speaking about such issues with my doctor ('specially considering the number of insensitive physicians I've had), but reading that story made me realize we can't really afford to be coy when it comes to our health.

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