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Healing bumps, accidents and upset easily and naturally:

Posted Sep 28 2008 8:28pm

By Carole Fogarty

Natural Wisdoms: A regular feature:

After nearly 20 years of a home filled with boys( I have 3 energetic boys 9, 11, 19)I’ve had my fair share of bangs, cuts, bruises, scraps, breaks, stitches and upset. Managed to go 12 years until our first broken bone and 14 years until our first lot of stitches. As I’ve always taken a natural and holistic approach to treating bangs, cuts, breaks, upsets etc. I thought I’d share with you what I have consistently done over the years which I know from my personal experience supports the efficient and natural healing of the body. This is not an extensive list but a fabulous and very simple starting point if you are keen to try natural remedies for your children. Of course they also apply to adults and most certainly to animals.


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Treat the upset holistically:

I always treat any situation, illness or accident holistically. Ancient wisdoms from many cultures share the same belief that health and well being are a result of emotional, spiritual and mental harmony. Great healers from our history such asHippocrates, Bach, Steiner,Paracelsusall believed that when you treat the emotional imbalances the disease and physical condition are cured.

Today we have the awesome Deepak Chopra who for many years now has shared his wisdom on the connection between the mind and body from an ayurvedic medicine point of view.

It is for this very reason that I like to clear any emotional upset and trauma immediately from my own and my children’s bodies with vibrational medicine. I certainly do not want the fear and upset being stored in the memory of my children’s bodies as that would only limit their experience for life and perhaps attract more of the same.

The remedy to clear the emotional upset:

Luckily for us today vibrational remedies are easily available . Vibrational remedies are things such as essential oils, flower essences and crystals. The most common vibrational essence which I’m sure many of you are aware of is Rescue Remedy which is a flower essence blend. In Australia we have our own version made from Australian Bush Flower Essences called Emergency Essence. A flower essence is simply the healing properties of a flower which is preserved in water and brandy. You can purchase them in either a dropper bottle, spray, already blended into an ointment or as tiny little sugary pills. Sometimes I will even spray the emergency essence into the room where the accident happened to ensure there is no residual upset or fear lingering.

My children now whenever they fall over or hurt themselves instantly open their mouths in anticipation of 7 drops (Emergency Essence) under the tongue. Depending on the severity of the accident I might give them 7 drops every half an hour until I notice they are much calmer and more relaxed. I often take the Emergency Essence blend myself when I’m having one of “those days”. Most health food stores around the world will stock Rescue Remedy or Emergency Essence.

Treating the bruising naturally and holistically:

Bangs are probably the most frequent ailment my boys have experienced over the years. There have been endless crashes on bikes, scooters, surfing, skate boarding and boys being boys. My standy by natural healing remedy for this is arnica. Arnica is a homeopathic medicine.

Arnica is a mountain plant that relieves bruising, stiffness and muscle soreness. It’s fabulous to use just after giving birth for internal bruising and I always give it to my middle son just prior to playing rubgy union which is a very physical sport. He swears (even though he is 11 years of age) that if he doesn’t take arnica his muscles are extremely sore the next day. Arnica is easily available in Health food stores and can be purchased in many forms including pill, already in the ointment or as a tincture.

What lives in my purse:

Anyone can safely carry some arnica and rescue remedy in their purse as a great starting point for healing our children holistically and naturally. Kids can hurt themselves anywhere anytime. Both are small so they can fit into the tiniest of purses.

It’s always wise to consult a homeopath for more complex issues. The fabulous Catherine from Philadelphia over at Continuum Wellness is a qualified homeopath and I’m sure would be happy to help you out along with my wonderful friend in Queensland, Australia, Butterfly Saffigna who is also a qualified Homeopath. I’m happy to pass on Butterflys email address if you live in Australia and are in need of a phone consultation.

Thanks for reading my article.

Peace, love and happy healthy children to you all. Carole.

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