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Haven't found even a fraction of ...

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
Haven't found even a fraction of a second of extra time in the last few days to post- where does the time go? I remember being young and thinking that each day was so.... long. The school year felt like an eternity, every event seemed to drag on forever, and there was always an excess of time on my hands. Oh to have that back!!

Now I'm paralyzed because there is too much to do, not nearly enough time to do, let alone energy and brain power to get it all accomplished...

Last week was spring break around here. We had two school age children here for the week, visiting their dad, an employee here at the Ranch. Having kids to play with provided a perk for my son who usually recruits me or the dog to be his companion. I thought that having extra kids around to play with him would help me to get more accomplished with him out of my hair- WRONG! Instead, I found myself bombarded by little voices every 10 minutes or so, running to me to tattle on the others, ask for a drink, a bandaid, or something else... Needless to say, I got less done than usual...

Then I took it upon myself to make an Easter Feast. I invited everyone that works at the ranch and more, and had fun choosing my recipes and shopping for everything. Of course I did Easter Baskets for each kid with special stuff like bubbles and sidewalk chalk instead of pure chocolate and junk. They were wildly popular but a mess to clean up (note to self: do not ever buy those confetti filled Easter Eggs again!)

The Feast was a hit but I was exhausted. I barely ate because we all caught a terrible cold at the end of last week and it hit me on Saturday night. Thankfully I had already prepared almost all of the food and just had to reheat it or stick it in the warming oven before our Easter Dinner. Nevertheless, I was a zombie, having had too little sleep, too much to do, too much cold medicine, and too much stress to deal with any of it.

Now this week brings its own new excitement. We have 3 TBall games, a practice, I am in charge of a crew for the concession stand on the only empty night left in the week. Compounded by the carpet going in the new house, the electricians hanging all of the light fixtures, the painter painting all of the interior walls, the granite countertops being installed, the stair rails being built and the vanity mirrors and towel bars installed. Must still cut the mantels for the fireplaces!

So thats the house project. In addition, we've got 12 more mares to give birth and the first crop that have already given birth are ready to be bred back for next season already. We started breeding again yesterday. Calving continues, and there are still about 95 cows to give birth. Each day is like playing detective to check cattle and look for little ones that the mama's seem to like to 'hide' in the brush to keep vultures from attacking them while their young ones get strength to get on their feet for the first time.

There is never a dull moment here, let me tell you! Its no wonder that we all have terrible colds, being as run-down as we are. At least the sun has graced us with its presence and the spring days have been beautiful (although still alittle chilly).

Must sign off and get my house in order. With our busy schedules, its impossible to keep the house clean and tidy. Having the added bonus of the 4 year old 'tornado', cleaning up around here is a never-ending event! Have a great day!
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