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Hang off the bed

Posted by C.L. R.

If anyoneis suffering from stiff shoulders and neck (aren't we all?!) here is a great way to stretch them out.

Lie flat on the bed, facing the ceiling. Slowly slide your body to the edge of the bed. Slowly let the weight of your head drop over the side. Then part of your shoulders. hang there for about ten minutes. Slowly, work your way back towards the bed, slowly becoming flat again. Slowly, slowly, sit up. You will feel soooo much more relaxed!

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Thanks for the great tip! I will try this later...
How did you like it? It's important to be sure that you're not just hanging your neck and head off the bed. We are talking half of your back. Just wanted to be clear on that.
I didn't do it for 10 minutes. I did it for about 3 to 5 just to get a feel for it. But, it does put the neck in it's natural curve, which is important when I consider the fact that I sit writing in front of the computer most the day with my neck going forward. I will keep this exercise in mind. Thanks. Have you ever heard of biophysics?
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