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Gyrotonics: the 21st Century yoga

Posted by Nancy B.

Hailed as 21st Century Yoga, The Gyrotonics Method is becoming increasingly popular in Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is a system of pulleys and wooden beds that strengthen and stretch muscles – resulting in better flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination. Writer Nellie Sciutto tried it out and chronicles her experience online at the ABC News Web site. Go to to read what she has to say.
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Since I live in LA, I know I will be subjected to this at some point so I better just check it out. But I tell you what, it just looks medieval, doesn't it? And isn't this a website that's supposed to promote fitness and not make newcomers think that it's actually torture? Fooled you guys! Staying healthy is a complex system of pulleys and wooden beds! Get ready!!!
I honestly don't see how this is going to take off in a big way. The article makes claims to people missing out on socializing by not hitting the latest fitness trend in LA, but that's ridiculous. I don't go and meet my friends for fitness class and then a latte in the first place! Also, they can't put a large number of people on those machines at once, so they are going to have to price them out like private Pilates classes on the reformer - i.e., incredibly expensive. I personally don't see what a machine will do that ancient yoga poses don't already do, without the expensive machine. If it works for some people and they can afford it, more power to them. But I'm not going to rush over to try something just because someone tells me it's "trendy."
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