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Guilty Pleasures & Self-bodywork

Posted Dec 23 2012 4:17pm
I’ve been treating myself to a new evening ritual. It starts with my latest guilty pleasure – my pandora Christmas jazz station. I know I know — super cheesy. I won’t make any excuses.

What’s next in the ritual is self-bodywork with my Yoga Tune Up® balls. If you haven’t tried bodywork with balls, I highly recommend it. Self-bodywork offers a method to unload the muscles and nervous system. This counteracts the loading that daily activity and holiday buzz create. I love the Yoga Tune Up® balls that I received as a gift, but any kind will work. You can purchase lacrosse balls at your local sporting goods store for under $2 a pop. Once you have your toys, pick an area of your body and get rolling!

I can only describe self-massage with therapy balls in one way: It hurts so good. Play around to find those sweet spots that crave attention. Focus on breathing to facilitate a sweet release. You can view instructional videos from the link below to learn exercises that target specific muscle groups.

by Yoga Tune Up® – Yoga Therapy

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No guilt about what’s burning below! This candle is calorie-free but and oh so sweet. The aroma of gingerbread fills my home and heart with delight.

gingerbread candle

Whatever your guilty pleasure, let love be your holiday treat of choice this season. Read Holiday Guide to Balance  for strategies to nourish yourself from the inside out all season long.

Guide to Holiday Balance

Guide to Holiday Balance

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xoxo, Rita

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