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Golf swing consistency is my nemesis

Posted May 20 2012 10:12pm

The challenge for every golfer is to achieve consistency in their swing. Biomechanics has shown us just how the body should move for the perfect swing, we watch videos of the best golfers, we get personal instruction and so on. Yet improvement is elusive for most people, or even worse, we improve at times but are still inconsistent!   How come a few people excel with the same information but most of us flail around with our game? So the story goes Fred Astaire did this routine on a single take and every ball he hit was within 8 ft of each other!

When I started playing golf at 52 years old I realized quite quickly that I had many limitations in my torso restricting the optimal movement required for a balanced, centered, powerful golf swing. As I am learning to release my legs from my pelvis and release my belly muscles to allow my spine to rotate the swing is becoming more powerful and accurate. I am working on full shoulder release from my neck and arms to allow easy, full swing of my arms to get that final ‘snap’ to launch the ball.
Since most of us DO NOT move from our center I fully understand why golf is such a challenge today. And even worse most of us have our balance over our heels instead of the balls of the feet meaning we fall back when we hit the ball instead of go forward in the rotation – if we are even rotating! Let me show you what I mean in this video clip:

Many people end up punching the ball or managing to hit with limited rotation but why be satisfied with that, especially if you are prone to injury. If there is a way to learn how to allow your body to move the way it is designed for the optimal golf game why not pursue it? The game is so much more fun when your body works well, I know and so does every pro know!!!

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