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Going Big Time (and a moment of silence)

Posted Apr 15 2009 11:43pm
Before I launch into my true post topic for today, I want to quickly have a moment of silence for my kitchen wall and toaster oven. I burned them both yesterday beyond recognition in a moment (well, several moments actually) of flighty-ness, for which I'm famous for...

Yep, well... yesterday I realized mid-morning that I had not eaten anything and that accounted for the strange pangs and growling coming from my mid-section, so I threw acouple of pieces of bread into the toaster oven and walked away...

And forgot all about them...

Several minutes later, Hubby flew threw the door, the alarms started going of around the house and I witnessed Hubby put out a rather large fire which used to be my toaster oven...


I cannot explain my forgetfulness and I have absolutely no excuse for it. I know Hubby gets exasperated with me that I can remember sequences of numbers and random house addresses and just really dumb stuff, but I can't recall that I have toast in the toaster... One of my quirks, I know.

Moving on, now that I got that little confession off my chest, I want to run something by you readers and get some feedback, if you don't mind! And hey, I need to hear from you in the Comments Section. If you don't remember your Google password, or you don't know how to sign in, just choose to be anonymous in the drop down list and leave me your comment. I need your help, no.... I do!

Okay here's my deal: I recently applied for a position at the university nearby, and the position is perfect for me and for all general purposes, I would love the job. The rub is that my zany life isn't conducive to a typical 8-5 schedule, and lets face it: I like it that way. However, the lure of a good and steady paycheck is too much to turn down. So I got to thinking about monetizing my blog. Not just the little po'dunk buttons down the margin, but going full-out and doing it up RIGHT (which is why I posted yesterday about the blog makeover coming soon)... When I started this blog, I kind of had the idea of making money by blogging in the back of my mind, but I truthfully wasn't sure that I would like blogging at all, nor was I convinced that I would post faithfully or have anyone interested at all in what I had to say...

So over the past year and a half I've been blogging, I realized that yes, I am committed to blogging, that I have lots to say and I love to say it; I love to post daily, its become one of my most cherished daily duties, and I have also cultivated so many readers, new friends, and opportunities that have surfaced as a result of this very blog.

So I think its time to take it to the Big Time, don't you?

Throughout this odyssey of blogging, I have made very little money on my blog (really about $5/mo!) though I have never really tried, and I have consistently learned and gathered the information of the highly successful (talking tens of thousands of bucks per months) bloggers and I'm ready to apply it. AND I realized something: this info that I've learned has all come frommen. Sure there are probably very successful women bloggers out there, but the biggies are men and their delivery and male-centric style is often times cold and unappealing to Little Ol' Me...

I think that there's a niche there for me to use my blog as a teaching tool for other people (mainly women) to also make money blogging, and present it in a manner that feels more comfortable to us! Whaddya think? Not to mention that the time to present this information couldn't be better: we're staring at the worst financial time in our nation's history with a pretty bleak future and there are women everywhere that are struggling to find a way to make money. Maybe I can help all of us?

Please give me your thoughts-
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